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Ann Kullberg
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Here are some links to assist you.

Color Pencil Challenge-tutorials
Nicole Cauldfield
Kristy Ann Kutch-floral demo
Barbara Krans Jenkins- Wildlife colored pencil artist
Yalena Shabrova
Marie-Anne Christen-This site is in French but her work speaks for itself.
Kay Dewar
Arlene Steinberg-floral and still life artist

Anne deMille Flood- She does animals in color pencil
Ann Kullberg-Known for her realistic childrens portraits
Susan Shimeld-Wildlife artist & Natural History Illustrator
Karen Parsons
Barbara Newton
Gary Greene
Janie Gildow-Still Life artist
Maddie Swan- Portrait artist
Anastacia P. Bunte
Vivid Pencils
Scribble- Color Pencil Resources
Art Show-artist interviews
DeAnn McDaniel
The Artist's Magazine
Colored Pencil Society of America

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